The Statesman is a student newspaper serving Stony Brook University. It was founded in the fall of 1957 as the Sucolian , for the “State University Campus On Long Island” at Oyster Bay, which was the university’s name and location until 1962. The name was changed to The Statesman in February 1958. The Statesman Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1975. The paper is funded by both advertising and the Stony Brook University Undergraduate Student Government.

However, revenue from advertising and the student government barely cover the basics. News organizations at all levels are undergoing a revolution and the basics are no longer enough.

While excited to be forging into the future of journalism, on campus and beyond, The Statesman needs your help. To stay vibrant and relevant, The Statesman needs to forcefully move into the digital world. That means modernizing its newsgathering, distribution and promotional techniques, all of which requires additional funding.

Help the current staff reach its goal of repositioning the news organization to ensure its survival and maintain its independence. Donate today and become a part of The Statesman’s future and invest in student journalism at Stony Brook University.

Donations are needed for:

Technology: including digital SLR cameras and a laptop to allow for on-site photo editing and live posting from sporting events; audio equipment for recording interviews and producing podcasts; a Pacer database subscription and a police scanner for faster reporting on civil and criminal matters affecting the campus.

Travel: to allow reporters to cover more road games and key news developments affecting the campus in Albany and New York City.

Financial stability fund: to offset a falloff in advertising and reduce the organization’s dependence on student government funding.



The Statesman is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Consult your tax professional for specific guidance.