Left: the last issue of the Sucolian, dated April 9, 1959. Right: the first issue of The Statesman, dated May 13, 1959. The 'the' was dropped in 1963.

Left: the last issue of the Sucolian, dated April 9, 1959. Right: the first issue of The Statesman, dated May 13, 1959.

The Statesman is a student newspaper serving Stony Brook University. It was founded in the fall of 1957 as the Sucolian , for the “State University Campus On Long Island” at Oyster Bay, which was the university’s name and location until 1962. The name was changed to The Statesman in February 1958. The Statesman Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1975. The paper is funded by both advertising and the Stony Brook University Undergraduate Student Government.

New stories are published online Monday through Friday. A print issue is published every Monday during the academic year and is distributed to on-campus locations, the Stony Brook University Hospital and more than 70 off-campus locations.

The Statesman and its editors have been recognized for their work by the Society for Professional Journalists, Newsday, the Martin Buskin Committee for Campus Journalism and the Society for News Design, among other organizations. Many of its editors have gone on to enjoy distinguished careers in journalism.

Correction Policy

The Statesman‘s policy is to promptly correct all factual errors and clarify confusing statements. If a story is corrected after being published online, a note will be made at the end of the story. Style and grammar errors are exempt, as determined by managing editors. If you have any questions, please contact us at editors@sbstatesman.com.

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The Statesman reserves the right to delete comments without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at any time. If you have any questions, please contact us at editors@sbstatesman.com.

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Kayla McKiski


Gregory Zarb

Gregory Zarb

Managing Editor

Gregory Zarb is entering his senior year and has been apart of the Statesman for the last three years. He enjoys all things sports, whether it may be professional or Stony Brook sports. Contact Greg at gregory.zarb@sbstatesman.com

Tess Stepakoff

Tess Stepakoff

Managing Editor

Tess is a senior English major with minors in Hellenic studies and creative writing. She joined The Statesman Copy section in the fall of 2016 and became managing editor during the Spring 2018 semester. She enjoys petting puppies in her spare time. Contact Tess at: tess.stepakoff@sbstatesman.com

Luis Ruiz Dominguez

Luis Ruiz Dominguez

Managing Editor

Luis is a senior journalism major from Suffern, New York. He joined the team as a contributing photographer and writer his junior year and has been with The Statesman ever since. You can contact him at luis.ruizdominguez@sbstatesman.com


Rebecca Liebson

Rebecca Liebson

News Editor

Rebecca is an Assistant News Editor for The Statesman. She is also a member of the School of Journalism's Student Advisory Board. You can reach her via email at rebecca.liebson@sbstatesman.com or twitter, @RebeccaLiebson.

Gary Ghayrat

Assistant News Editor

Brianne Ledda

Assistant News Editor


Peter Lupfer

Sports Editor

Peter is a freshman journalism major from Medford, New York. He started writing for The Statesman in the Fall of 2017. You can contact Peter via email at peter.lupfer@sbstatesman.com

Chris Parkinson

Assistant Sports Editor

Arts & Entertainment

Anna Correa

Arts & Entertainment Editor


Mike Adams

Opinions Editor


Aleeza Kazmi

Multimedia Editor

Nicolas Pennisi

Assistant Multimedia Editor


Stacey Slavutsky

Stacey Slavutsky

Copy Chief

Stacey is a senior biomedical engineering major with aspirations of becoming a scientific editor. She joined The Statesman Copy section her freshman year and is now the copy chief. For all your editing needs, contact Stacey at: stacey.slavutsky@sbstatesman.com

Alexa Anderwkavich

Assistant Copy Chief


Brian Wong

Business Manager