Dunkin’ is officially open in the SAC market. The store served over 1,000 Stony Brook students in a single day this week. CAMRON WANG/THE STATESMAN

Students and faculty at Stony Brook University are welcoming the long-awaited Dunkin’ in the Student Activities Center (SAC).

The Faculty Student Association (FSA) announced that Dunkin’ would replace the Seawolves Marketplace by Fall 2018. Over five years later, the much anticipated Dunkin’ opened in the SAC market on Monday, May 1, during the last week of classes. 

Angela Agnello, senior director of marketing and communications at FSA, disclosed some information about what went on behind the scenes, including an explanation for Dunkin’s delayed construction.

In 2019, FSA announced that Dunkin’s construction would be moved to East Side Dining instead of the Seawolves Marketplace, which no longer exists.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, construction was further postponed. 

Once the project could be pursued, the plan changed yet again. The construction of Dunkin’ required structure plans that used preexisting SAC infrastructure. 

Freshman Alex Rossi, a political science major, shared his excitement over the new coffee shop on campus. 

“I’m very happy that it’s been opened, and I’ll consider going if I’m ever in the mood for a doughnut,” Rossi said.


Other students, like psychology major Shayna Baran, said that they were less enthusiastic about the new coffee spot on campus.

“I personally don’t care for either Starbucks or Dunkin’,” Baran said. “But it’s nice to have breakfast options available all day, and for cheaper than Starbucks.”

In 2019, FSA conducted financial feasibility studies to determine the best location for Dunkin’ in the current dining spaces available on campus. In February 2023, demolition and construction began, with equipment arriving over spring break.

“We have received very positive feedback from faculty, staff and students,” Agnello said. “Our Dunkin’ team has been doing an outstanding job serving the campus community. On Monday, they served over 1,000 customers.”

Another thing for Dunkin’ lovers to keep in mind is the friendly rivalry between Dunkin’ and Starbucks, with Baran saying that it’s fun to have some light competition every now and then.


“I’d like to hope that it doesn’t burn down like Starbucks, but I think its location is more central for students,” Baran said. “We’re all tired college students, and I’m kind of glad those Starbucks workers will get a bit of a break. We work them to the bone as a student body in desperate need for a coffee fix.”

Dunkin’ employees promoted the new coffee spot with free doughnuts and coffee this past Monday.


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