Musical duo LION BABE performed at the Staller Center on Sept. 23. The musical duo is comprised of multidisciplinary artist/vocalist Jillian Harvey and producer/DJ Lucas Goodman aka Astro Raw.  MELANIE NAVARRO/THE STATESMAN

On Sept. 23, musical duo LION BABE graced the stage of the Staller Center with a blend of R&B, soul and funk. Comprised of multidisciplinary artist/vocalist Jillian Harvey and producer/DJ Lucas Goodman aka Astro Raw, the pair had audience members off of their seats with their magnetic energy.

Based in New York, LION BABE released their first single “Treat Me Like Fire” in 2012 and have subsequently made a name for themselves with their fresh mix of genres. The concert opened with “Cosmic Wind” from their 2019 album of the same name. Characterized by smooth vocals, neon lights and ethereal beats and harmonies, the opener charmed the audience into a trance-like state. 

Songs like “Hit the Ceiling” and “Frida Kahlo” segued the performance into a more playful and high-spirited energy, a great expression of the artsy and soulful disposition of the pair. “Everything I lose and find is ethereal/Every moment in my life and mind, my material,” Harvey sang. 

LION BABE have been performing since 2012. They are expected to have new music out by the end of this year. MELANIE NAVARRO/THE STATESMAN

Other tracks performed were “Different Planet,” “Into Me” and the track “Western World,” which features founding member of Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon. 


For LION BABE’s most recent album, “Rainbow Child,” Harvey spoke about their latest work to Revolt. “Then, “Rainbows” came and that’s very prolific in singing your heart out, feeling a type of way and the rainbow is the salvation. “Radiant Child” is about this beautiful reminder to your inner child and going inward,” Harvey said. 

Songs like “Sexy Please,” “Wonder Woman” and “The Wave” captured an even more lively energy with Harvey animatedly dancing across the stage, while Goodman commanded a range of instruments and DJed. Their rendition of “Hot in Herre,” a spin on rapper Nelly’s 2002 hit, brought a good hint of nostalgia with a funky twist.

Musical duo LION BABE’s performance at the Staller Center on Sept. 23. The R&B duo made a name for themselves with their fresh mix of genres. MELANIE NAVARRO/THE STATESMAN

The duo had expressed their excitement at performing live again. The pair recently welcomed a child, a concept portrayed by the lyrics and uplifting feminine energy of their song “YaYa” with BbyMutha. The set rounded off on a high note with “Harder” feat. Busta Rhymes and “Rockets” feat. Moe Moks. For the very end, they saved “Jump Hi” with Childish Gambino, which had the audience compelled to stand from their seats under the neon lights.

According to Staller, LION BABE is expected to release new music later this year and tour in 2023.



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