A map of Stony Brook University marked with the locations of crimes that occurred on campus from Thursday, Oct. 28 to Thursday, Nov. 11. GRAPHIC BY KAT PROCACCI

All reports are taken directly from the University Police Department and cannot be independently verified by The Statesman.

On Thursday, Oct. 28, a patient damaged a countertop at the University Hospital. The incident was reported on Friday, Oct. 29. 

On Friday, Oct. 29, a resident of Schick College reported their laundry missing. 

On Friday, Oct. 29, an incident involving an individual with an altered mental state and taken youth required crisis intervention at East Side Dining.  


On Sunday, Oct. 31, a patient of the University Hospital struck his parent in the garage. A Domestic Incident Report was completed; prosecution declined.

On Sunday, Oct. 31, a damaged gate arm was reported in the Health Science Center garage.

On Sunday, Oct. 31, there was a report of attempted larceny by extortion based in Irving Hall.

On Monday, Nov. 1, a parking boot cover was damaged by Benedict Hall. 


On Tuesday, Nov. 2, an individual in Dutchess Hall reported receiving unwanted text messages on Saturday, Oct. 16.

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, the countertop of the Sullivan Hall lobby was graffitied. The incident was reported on Thursday, November 4. 

On Thursday, Nov. 4, a broken arm gate was reported in the HSC garage. 

On Thursday, Nov. 4, a patient struck a staff member at the University Hospital; prosecution declined.

On Thursday, Nov. 4, a patient at the University Hospital struck another patient; prosecution declined.


On Thursday, Nov. 4, a patient struck and injured a staff member at the University Hospital; prosecution declined.

On Friday, Nov. 5, an investigation on forgery in the Administration Building began.

On Friday, Nov. 5, a broken window was found in the Earth and Space Sciences building. 

On Sunday, Nov. 7, a Dutchess Hall employee reported a Title IX related issue that occurred on Wednesday, October 20. The employee was referred to Labor Relations and Title IX. 

On Sunday, Nov. 7, there was an accident in the Whitman College parking lot that left a parked vehicle damaged. The offender left the scene.

On Monday, Nov. 8, a resident of Chapin Apartments reported being extorted via social media. 


On Tuesday, Nov. 9, SCPD Arson squad, Setauket FD and Fire Marshals responded to a small garbage can fire at Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, an individual who stole various items from a vehicle in the University Hospital garage was arrested. The items were recovered.

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, a resident of Irving College reported a scam phone call that occurred on Monday, November 8. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, a vehicle that was last seen at the University Hospital was stolen. The incident is pending investigation.


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