Students walking outside of Stony Brook University’s Student Activities Center. Submit your questions to The Statesman Google form. SARA RUBERG/THE STATESMAN

Stony Brook University’s campus community has been rocked by uncertainty since rumors started spreading about classes possibly going remote on March 9. Those rumors turned out to be true, as per a university announcement on March 11.

However, the university still hasn’t answered all of our questions. They might not know much more than we do — things are changing so fast, that the news becomes outdated as we write it.

This moment is unprecedented. So far as we can tell, based on Statesman archives, the university has never shut down like this before. In this way and many others, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing our lives as we know it.

So how can The Statesman help?

We are asking students to fill out a Google form with any and all questions they have. We won’t be able to answer all of them, but we can do our best.


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