Students walking outside of Stony Brook University’s Student Activities Center. A guideline was issued by Stony Brook University for laboratory staff. SARA RUBERG/THE STATESMAN

Stony Brook University has issued guidelines for laboratory staff to help cope with possible disruptions caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

“Principal/Senior Investigators and Laboratory Managers should develop plans for the possibility of disruptions to operations caused by absences, or unavailability of equipment, materials or supplies that are essential to assure safe operation,” the guidance reads.

In the guidance, the university calls on laboratory personnel to develop plans for more distance-based learning, including remote learning; ensuring staff knows how to navigate G-Suite, the Google cloud service; and building work schedules that limit close contact. It also advises against scheduling large meetings.

Laboratory personnel are also to establish an emergency communications plan and update emergency contacts. The university suggests that labs organize emergency plans in case experiments are disrupted.

Staff are asked to keep stock of their equipment, including cleaning supplies and disinfectants. Labs are warned to prepare for potential staffing issues.

The guidelines also recommend that staff follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses, such as taking the time to wash their hands; staying home if they’re sick; coughing and sneezing in their sleeve; and keeping their living and professional space clean.


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