Stony Brook University’s Amazon bookstore in the basement of the Melville Library. This morning the University Police Department responded to a report of a male allegedly in possession of a firearm in the Amazon bookstore. ARACELY JIMENEZ/STATESMAN FILE

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The Stony Brook University Police Department (UPD) received a report of a male allegedly in possession of a firearm in the Amazon Hub Locker in Melville Library this morning at around 9:25 a.m., according to Assistant Chief of Police Eric Olsen. 

Approximately four minutes later, the suspect, Yuxuan Wang, 18, was taken into custody without incident, and it was determined that the weapon was a carbon dioxide powered airsoft pistol, and not an actual firearm, Olsen said. 

“It was something you could go into a store and buy,” Olsen said. “The more important thing is it looks exactly like an actual gun, and that makes it very dangerous for the officers responding.”

“Luckily the individual wasn’t posing any sort of a threat,” he said.

Wang was charged with a violation of penal code 265.06 of the NY State Penal Law – Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Upon School Grounds, Olsen said. Wang was also issued a field appearance ticket requiring him to appear at Suffolk County First District Criminal Court at a later date.

Wang of Brooklyn was visiting a student on campus but why he was carrying the weapon is still under investigation, Olsen said. 

Although the occurrence didn’t pose any real threat to the campus community, Olsen suggested students with realistic looking imitation guns, BB guns and painted water guns should remove them from campus and referred to a video that gives students safety tips in case of an active shooter situation.


“If they sense a danger, they should run and if not possible, they should hide,” Olsen said. “And then if they cannot hide, then they’re going to have to fight for their lives.” 

Gary Ghayrat contributed reporting.


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