The album cover for Sara Bareilles’s Amidst the Chaos. The album came out on April 5, 2019.  PUBLIC DOMAIN

Sara Bareilles’ new album, “Amidst the Chaos,” can sound monotone and certain songs almost blend into each other, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a listen. Her talent as a vocalist, songwriter, lyricist and musician can still be appreciated and enjoyed.

The songs on the album are cleverly written, with a soothing effect that feels almost medicinal. “Amidst the Chaos” is Bareilles’ first album release since her stint on Broadway in the musical “Waitress.”

The first and most upbeat song on the album — and without a doubt its biggest hit — is “Fire.” It has a very earthy and raw sound. The first verse starts with just Bareilles’ voice humming and a guitar in the background — then the chorus picks up and hits with a bang. An infectious rhythm guided by drums, guitar strums and vocals flows from Bareilles like liquid gold, guiding the rest of the song to the end.

With scathing and unapologetic lyrics such as “We were, we were never going to catch fire, we’d have burned up in the flames” and “I know all too well that I want deeper waters,” it’s evident the song speaks about a relationship or a love that is missing passion for it to fully satisfy and bloom.


The elegant music video for the song features Bareilles with a large fire in the background and then cuts to two interpretive dancers who take the viewers on a journey through their relationship.

The following song, “No Such Thing,” comes from a much more vulnerable place in every aspect. This ballad’s writing stands out among the rest, with lyrics such as, “Tell me how to start, what comes after you?” and ”I tried to get over you, over you, over you, but i think, there’s no such thing.”

Bareilles’ vocals are poignant and sharp as ever, making it impossible not to feel what she is singing about. The song has a very light and airy sound; the piano, light percussion and heavenly harp radiate nostalgia. Listening to this song automatically cues a montage of memories with that special person that is so commonly seen in romances and rom-coms.

The other songs on the album are slower, such as “Orpheus,” “Someone Who Loves Me,” “Saint Honesty” and “A Safe Place to Land.” Their melodies practically blend into each other and have a medicinal effect that is soothing and comforting. “A Safe Place to Land” stands out especially because of John Legend’s glorious voice being featured on the track.


Although she has many ballads, the album does have some upbeat songs, such as “Armor.” This song pays honor to all the strong women that helped make things better for women today. “If I Can’t Have You,” “Eyes on You,” “Miss Simone” and “Wicked Love” are also other upbeat songs that made it on the album, giving it a tasteful variety that is necessary for the album to not to be boring.

Music lovers and connoisseurs will have a great appreciation for Bareilles’ talent and musicianship shown on “Amidst the Chaos.” Bareilles will be going on a national tour to support her album starting in the fall of 2019.

Melissa Azofeifa

Managing Editor


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