Shaheer Khan, SB United: Hire more CAPS staff who can speak with students in their native languages; increase USG transparency with meetings and social media posts; lower graduation attire price; increase voter engagement; make sure dancers have spaces to practice; give students more opportunities to have face-to-face interactions with USG members

Lazaro Rivera, Phoenix: Advocate for proper use of student athletic fee; implement a database for senator projects; implement more sustainability initiatives; implement retreats to promote USG cooperation; increase participation at athletic events; increase student awareness about USG achievements and initiatives

Executive Vice President

James Edell, Phoenix: Create positions on USG Senate for the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and the School of Journalism; talk to Athletics about partially funding club sports teams; create a database for senator projects; work with the treasurer to implement a plastic tax for clubs purchasing plastic goods; work to list senator projects on the USG website; install printers and vending machines in every residential building on campus; increase bus transportation hours; implement a way for students to give USG direct feedback

Mohamed Heiba, SB United: Advocate for more policies promoting inclusion in campus organizations; push for more 24/7 study spaces on campus; plan and organize a Google Drive folder for USG senator projects so they can be continued after senators leave office




Adrian Ortega, SB United: Maintain open door policy and open communication with all clubs and organizations; respond to emails within 24 hours; work with clubs and organizations to offer more opportunities for grants; improve the Leadership Conference so that all club leaders understand their responsibilities to maintain a USG-funded club

Vice President of Communications and Public Relations


AT Bianco, SB United: Ensure high-quality graphics and media content; continue to use USG Hot Takes to feature Stony Brook staff and students; advertise weekly Senate meetings; consistently update students on the communication office’s agenda

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations

Ilayna Guevrekian, Phoenix: Create an interactive system to publicize USG and club events; find more time and space for tabling; increase sustainability measures in USG-sponsored clubs and organizations; increase commuter involvement on campus; get all club and organization members to be Red Watch Band and Green Dot-trained

Maame-Esi Otoo, SB United: Send out bi-weekly memos to clubs; provide workshops for club management; advocate for dance and performance groups to have space to practice; increase commuter student involvement in campus extracurriculars


Vice President of Student Life

Hadi Mohammed, SB United: Host an intramural pep rally game between the men’s and women’s basketball teams; enhance school spirit; build on the success of USG’s Spooky Brook; focus on transparency when booking artists/performers and take input from the general student body

Huntley Spencer, Phoenix: Promote inclusivity in USG-hosted events; expand concert genres to appeal to a wider range of students; move concerts to weekends to make it easier for more students to attend; increase the amount of USG events

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Patrick Scharf, Phoenix: Advocate for students concerned about budget cuts to humanities programs; add a presentation on USG to freshman orientation; create USG events to help students during midterms and finals; continue to work to support veterans on campus

Justin Ullman, SB United: Add representatives from WISE, EOP, University Scholars and the Honors College to the Academic Affairs Committee; push for more scholarship/financial aid workshops for international and out-of-state students; increase student representation in the University Senate; improve WiFi accessibility in academic spaces

*Initiatives and campaign materials provided by candidates.


Gary Ghayrat contributed reporting.


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