An article titled “Does diversity really matter?” published in the Opinions section of this week’s issue of The Statesman received a great deal of criticism. In the article, the author posited that the demand for diversity is unwarranted and that a lack of European and men’s groups on campus indicates a lack of commitment to diversity on campus.

We are committed to representing a full spectrum of ideas and positions from people of all backgrounds. The opinions of the writers are their own and do not represent the views of The Statesman. 

Despite this, we acknowledge that the editorial staff exhibited a lack of judgment in publishing this article in its current form. While we have published pieces that have been based on personal experience in the past, the controversial nature of this piece required a deeper level of research and more fact-based evidence to support the author’s stance. Moving forward, The Statesman will adhere to stricter editing practices, including increased oversight from top level editors on each story to ensure all content meets the highest standards.

We appreciate the input from our readers and strive to maintain the level of professionalism that has become an essential part of our organization as Stony Brook University’s oldest student-run publication.


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