After a week of campaigning, the new leaders of Stony Brook’s Undergraduate Student Government have been decided, with the exception of the race for executive vice president, which ended in a tie.

The Party Next Door secured five out of seven executive branch positions. Ayyan Zubair will take over as president, Alex Bouraad as treasurer, Justine Josue as vice president of Communications & Public Relations, Katherine Colantouni vice president of Clubs and Organizations, and Nicole Olakkengil as vice president of Academic Affairs.

“I feel so humbled by the trust that the student body has placed in me,” said Zubair. He went on to acknowledge the hard fight put up by his opponent, Lydia Senatus. “It is a testament to the diversity and inclusion on campus that your two candidates for president were a black female and Muslim guy. Lydia is a great student leader and I hope to work with her in the future for the betterment of the student body.”

From the LIT party, Jaliel Amador will take on the position of vice president of Student Life
& Programming.

“Although I’m upset for my party since the results of the executive council did not go our way in most positions, I’m extremely grateful to be elected a second year in a row,” Amador said.

The LIT party gained the upper hand in the Senate, bringing home 10 of 19 seats. Jay Abad, Christian Cole, Tahiana Abad, Kojo Dansoh, Clare Finnegan and May Chan will represent their party as CAS senators, Stanley Zhao and Matthew Nation as CEAS senators, Courtney Lall as HSC senator and Keiko Nagami as At-Large Senator.

The Party Next Door’s Peter Alsaloum, Jessica McKay, Abdelrahman Salama, and Bianca Benayoun will also act as CAS senators, Forum Doshi and Anthony Montalbano as CEAS senators, Lily Lin as College of Business senator, David Ashurov as Junior Class senator, and Lazaro Rivera as sophomore class senator.

The race for executive vice president will continue next with, runoff elections taking place between Bria Midgette from the LIT party and Christina Dorf from the Party Next Door.



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