Stony Brook University proposed a $57 comprehensive fee increase for undergraduate students in the 2017-2018 year. BRIDGET DOWNES/STATESMAN FILE

Stony Brook University has proposed a $57, or 3.1 percent, Comprehensive Fee increase for undergraduate students in the 2017-2018 academic year, university representatives said at a media event on Wednesday.

“This media briefing is part of a continuing student consultation process,” Lyle P. Gomes, vice president for finance and chief budget officer, said. “All of our service units had student advisory committees, which those committees are designed to talk about the services that those units provide, the level of services, the quality of services, and the need for new and additional services and also the budgets that are needed to support those services.”

The increase for 2017-2018 will benefit five areas: Campus Recreation, Transportation Services, Intercollegiate Athletics/University Pool, Student Health Services/Counseling, and Technology.

The university proposed a $2.50 per year increase to the Campus Recreation fee to staff the new University Pool and maintain the Campus Recreation Center and fields.

The proposed Student Health and Counseling Services fee has a $5 per year increase to meet the demand for counseling on campus. The majority of the funds will go to paying staff.

“Our focus for the next academic year is really identifying access to care,” Dr. Marisa Bisiani, assistant vice president for student health, counseling and outreach services, said. “So we are building programs where we are looking at where students are accessing our health care services and making them more accessible to them. For instance, building an offsite clinic at campus recreation, bringing our counselors over to that location as well because we know students are using that facility, and we want to be where the students are.”

The university also proposed a $5.50 per year increase to the Intercollegiate Athletics fee in order to fund the newly reinstated women’s swimming and diving team and enhance the Athletics experience for students through programs like Seawolves Town.

Under the proposal, the Technology fee would see a $28 per year increase to develop more education resources for students off-campus as well as to upgrade connectivity on campus.

“I’ve been here for less than a year, but one of things I’m really committed to is looking at the source of all of our funds and insuring that they’re lined appropriate to how we get those funds, and one the funds I’ve been specifically looking at the student technology fee,” Melissa Woo, vice president for information technology and chief information officer, said. “And you’ll notice I always make sure I say Student Technology Fee to acknowledge it’s your fee.”

The Transportation fee has a proposed $16 per year fee increase to maintain the SBU Smart Transit system and the SBU Wolf Ride program and to modernize the division’s fleet of buses.

Since graduate students are not subject to the Athletics or Campus Recreation fee, they will only see an increase of $24.50.

Full-time undergraduate students will now owe the university $943.75 per semester for the Comprehensive Fee as opposed to the $915.25 required during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. This year’s increase is $12 more than last year’s hike of $45 for the 2016-2017 year.