A Statesman survey found that Stony Brook University students have a host of spots on campus where ERIC SCHMID/THE STATESMAN
A The Statesman survey found that Stony Brook University students have a host of spots on campus to be intimate. ERIC SCHMID/THE STATESMAN

Stony Brook students have taken sex out of the bedroom, and to illegal and invigorating heights.

Amid the blue lights on the computer science building rooftop, in between library bookshelves, behind the West Apartments storage units, next to the Physics Building, on the Staller steps – students have confessed to getting it on all over Seawolf territory.

“I was working late in the printmaking studio in Staller, and my girlfriend and I wound up having sex on one of the tables,” J, senior biology major, said. “Fortunately we finished without being caught!”

In a The Statesman survey conducted last week that asked students if they’ve had sex in public places on campus and where, 39 percent of respondents reported doing the deed in a public location on Stony Brook’s campus. None of them reported getting caught.


“We wanted to take a study break, but since there isn’t much to do in the library we ended up giving each other head behind a shelf in the music library,” M, sophomore biochemistry major, said. “I definitely would go back and highly recommend the spot.”

“[A girl and I] noticed that the door to the rooftop was open, so we ended up going outside to take in the view which lead to us kissing, then making out,” B, junior psychology major, said. “There’s a blind spot all the way at the top of the staircase, so we hooked up there and she performed oral on me while there. We
never got caught.”

“I got a blowjob from my girlfriend on the LIRR here right as we were pulling out of the station,” A, senior mechanical engineering major, said. “There were only a few people on the cart so I don’t think anyone noticed.”

Some students have even confessed to being repeat offenders.


“I did it in a dorm kitchen during sophomore year — wasn’t caught, on the trail behind Tabler during freshman year — wasn’t caught and outside a dorm room freshman year — wasn’t caught,” J, senior applied math and statistics and economics major, said.

In New York state, public sex can be criminalized. Participants may face punitive action for indecent exposure or engaging in a lewd act, which are violations and misdemeanors respectively. Penalties can range from a few days to a few months in jail, and fines can be upwards of $250.

Although not explicitly defined in the University’s Student Conduct Code, students caught could face varying punishments for sexual misconduct among other violations at the discretion of the Office of University of Community Standards.

However, the possible implications have made it more thrilling for some students.

“I was in the Stadium parking lot because I’m a classy bitch,” K, sophomore political science major, said. “The possibility of being caught and getting in trouble made it a lot more exciting.”



Kayla McKiski is a senior journalism major. She joined The Statesman her sophomore year and worked her way up to Editor-in-Chief. Contact Kayla at [email protected]


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