Freshman guard Michael Alomancy in a game against Rutgers on Dec. 10 at Island Federal Credit Union Arena. Although Stony Brook fell to Hofstra 999-000, Alomancy scored a career high of 15. ARACELY JIMENEZ/THE STATESMAN
Freshman guard Michael Almonacy in a game against Rutgers on Dec. 10 at Island Federal Credit Union Arena. Although Stony Brook fell to Hofstra 96-58, Almonacy scored a career-high of 15 points. ARACELY JIMENEZ/THE STATESMAN

The Stony Brook men’s basketball team looked hopeless in Tuesday’s loss to Hofstra. With 6:25 left in the game, the team was down 32 to Hofstra, its largest lead until that point. The Seawolves had not scored a single point for more than two minutes. The Seawolves drought was only made worse by the Pride’s monsoon.

Hofstra soon increased the lead to 42, the largest advantage of the game. The Pride took advantage of several free throws in three minutes, gaining 10 points. The Seawolves, on the other hand, could not get anything going offensively and only scored two points in those same three minutes — junior forward Tyrell Sturdivant and senior guard Kam Mitchell split a pair of free throws.

The Pride simply overpowered the Seawolves and won the battle between the Long Island teams, 96-58. It was the worst loss Stony Brook has suffered since falling to Villanova, 78-35, in 2005.

Shooting was a problem early on for Stony Brook. The Seawolves shot 1-8 to start the game, while the Pride built a 10-2 lead.


Redshirt freshman forward Akwasi Yeboah, in particular, had a rough night shooting the ball. The leading scorer for the Seawolves in the last two games could not get anything going, shooting 1-for-9 from the field and 0-for-4 from three-point range in the first half.

Sturdivant also struggled throughout the game. Hofstra forward Rokas Gustys, at 6-foot-9-inches tall, took advantage of his match-up against the smaller 6-foot-7 Sturdivant and attacked the post as often as he could. Sturdivant was overwhelmed, allowing Gustys to score 11 points and grab 18 rebounds.

In fact, Hofstra outscored Stony Brook 34-24 in the paint and had 22 second chance points while the Seawolves only had 10.

The entire Seawolves team was just outmatched. Despite junior forward Jakub Petras’ career-high seven rebounds, Stony Brook lost the battle on the glass, 59-30. The team also only shot a season-low 44 percent from the free-throw line.


The lack of success at the line, coupled with a “fire-at-will” mentality from the Seawolves, cost the team in the first half. They shot 2-for-13 from beyond the arc in the first half. The second half proved to be a little better shooting wise, with Stony Brook making four three-pointers on 15 attempts. However, it was not enough to stem the bleeding.

But not all was lost for Stony Brook. Freshman guard Michael Almonacy emerged as a weapon off of the bench. He was the Seawolves’ saving grace, scoring a career-high 15 points to the lead the team in scoring.

Not only did Almonacy show prowess as a scorer, but he, along with junior forward Roland Nyama, also led the team with three assists. However, Nyama struggled to score, recording four points in the game total and going scoreless in the second half.

Stony Brook will continue its road trip on Saturday, Dec. 17. The team heads to Loretto, Pennsylvania to take on Saint Francis at 1 p.m.

Kunal Kohli

Kunal is a senior journalism major on the broadcast track. He joined The Statesman in his freshman year and hopes to one day direct documentaries. He calls Syracuse, NY his hometown and enjoys long walks on the beach, rap music and college basketball. You can contact him at @TheKunalKohli.



  1. As bad as the offense was,58 points isn’t terrible; many of our college games fall in the 55-70 point range. A cold shooting night is understandable but lack of defensive effort is unforgivable. A real butt kicking this was! Someone in the past said: “if we can hold our opponent to less than 60 points,we can beat anybody!” Time to get this team’s defensive house in order so that the offense has some chance of winning the shooting contests. Losing to top tier Kentucky last year by a big margin didn’t hurt half as bad as losing to local rival Hofstra by 38 points!!!!!! And, if I hear one more time that “these pre-season,pre-conference games don’t count; only winning the conference games and getting to the championship counts”, I will give up basketball and go watch MMA! If these early games don’t count then I guess the players and coaches don’t care either, so why are we suckers laying out good money for season tickets which includes these games? Hey,you guys on “The Sports Section” radio show take note of this as I have heard often from you to the fans: “Don’t worry,these games don’t count,the real season begins with conference play!” Every time our players and coaches go out on the court they are representing the University,the alumni,the fans, and their own pride and work ethic. EVERY GAME COUNTS!!!!!!!!!

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