Cabo Fresh is one off-campus eatery that offers Stony Brook students a discount with their student ID. ERIC SCHMID/THE STATESMAN
Cabo Fresh is one off-campus eatery that offers Stony Brook students a discount with their student ID. ERIC SCHMID/THE STATESMAN

Your student ID is more than just a card with your name, ID number and a picture you may no longer look like – it is a valuable tool that earns you discounts and makes off-campuses purchases more convenient.

Stony Brook University’s student ID is used primarily as a convenient form of identification, but it also functions as a debit card, known as Wolfie Wallet. Residential students commonly use Wolfie Wallet to do laundry, purchase food from campus dining halls and vending machines and shop in campus stores like Shop Red West.

But Wolfie Wallet goes beyond the Stony Brook campus. Almost 20 nearby restaurants accept the card as a form of payment, and some even give 10 percent discounts.

“We want to cater and get more business by offering something like that to a large population of people that are in the area,” Jennifer Calia, general manager of Burger King in Stony Brook, said.


Students who pay with Wolfie Wallet, or simply say they are a Stony Brook student, get a 10 percent discount off their Burger King order.

Greek-To-Go in Stony Brook, the L.I. Pour House barbecue restaurant in Port Jefferson Station and Subway in Smith Haven Mall also offer this discount with Wolfie Wallet or when you show your school ID. Bagel Express in East Setauket and Cabo Fresh California Mexican Grill in Stony Brook give students 10 percent discounts only when they pay with Wolfie Wallet.

“We like to give back to you guys because we know you are students, and we know that you know, students don’t always have that much money,” Emily Prochnicki, manager of L.I. Pour House, said.

There are three nearby Applebee’s Grill and Bar locations that accept Wolfie Wallet. The restaurants are 11 minutes to over a half hour away from campus.


Jim Divilio, owner and manager of Cabo Fresh California Mexican Grill, said that about 30 to 50 students use Wolfie Wallet daily at his eatery.

The Bench Bar and Grill began accepting Wolfie Wallet at the beginning of this year. The bar is a popular hotspot for students as it is located right across the street from the campus’ Long Island Rail Road station.

However, students cannot purchase alcohol or tobacco products with Wolfie Wallet.

Other restaurants in Stony Brook that accept Wolfie Wallet include: Domino’s Pizza, Fratelli’s Italian Eatery, Jamba Juice, Long Island Bagel Cafe, McDonald’s, O Sole Mio pizzeria and Strathmore Bagels. The CVS Pharmacy located on Route 25A in East Setauket also accepts Wolfie Wallet.


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