On Sunday, Sept. 4, The Statesman reported, as did several other news outlets, that former Stony Brook defensive lineman Victor Ochi signed to the practice squad of the New York Jets.

Our publication was able to confirm reports with both the team and Jared Fox, one of Ochi’s agents.

According to a correction issued by the team’s official Twitter account at 5:38 p.m. on Monday afternoon, Ochi did not sign with the Jets:

After going undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft, Ochi signed with the Baltimore Ravens in free agency. After playing with the Ravens in preseason, Ochi was released from the team as part of the final roster cuts prior to the regular season.

Fox declined to speak on the record on Monday, while the Jets were unable to be reached directly prior to the publication of this article.

The Statesman is continuing to investigate this story.

Skyler Gilbert

Skyler is a junior journalism major and political science minor. He began writing for The Statesman in fall of 2014 and has since covered every Stony Brook sport, including men's basketball and women's lacrosse NCAA Tournament games in Des Moines and Boston, respectively. He hails from Ticonderoga, which is a real place, and hopes to someday achieve fame as a national sports reporter. He can tune a fife, but he can't tuna fish. His twitter is @SkylerJGilbert. Contact Skyler at: [email protected]


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