An individual taken into custody outside of the Melville Library. SKYLER GILBERT/THE STATESMAN
An individual, above, is arrested on the afternoon of Friday, May 6 after there was an assault inside the library. SKYLER GILBERT/THE STATESMAN

One individual is in custody after an assault that took place in Melville Library this afternoon, according to an email from Robert Lenahan, the chief of University Police.

Another individual was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The University Police Department is still investigating the incident between the two individuals. The email said there is no danger to campus at this time but asked students to stay away from the area.

Police closed off the hallways leading to the Music Library on the first floor of Melville Library.

Blood splatters on the floor of the library. SKYLER GILBERT/THE STATESMAN
Blood splattered on the floor of the library. SKYLER GILBERT/THE STATESMAN

Jade Blennau, a junior coastal environmental studies major, said she was sitting in the Music Library a little before 2:45 p.m.when a woman ran into the room screaming that someone had a knife.

Then someone in the library told everyone to stay put while the police arrived, Blennau said. When Blennau eventually left for class, there was blood splattered in the hallway.

“The police said to just step around it, so that was awkward,” Blennau said.

The victim received a slash wound to the arm, and police recovered a knife at the scene, Assistant Chief of Police Eric Olsen said in an email to The Statesman.


Update: May 6, 2016

This story has been updated to include information provided by Assistant Chief of Police Eric Olsen.


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