The Undergraduate Student Government just announced Cash Cash and Future will be the two main acts performing at this year’s Brookfest.

The spring concert is usually kept more on the mainstream side, booking rap, hip-hop or EDM artists because that is what a large population on campus likes, USG’s Vice President of Communications and Public Relations Brody Hooper said.

Brookfest will be on April 13 at 7 p.m. in the Island Federal Credit Union Arena. USG has not yet decided on the ticket prices at the time of this article’s publication. According to Hooper, there will be a tab on USG’s website to make finding tickets and information easier than it was during past concerts.

“We are doing a lot of updates on the event page on Facebook, but we understand that a lot of people don’t have social media, so that’s why we’re doing the website too,” Hooper said.


Due to extra funding, this year’s concert will include improved shirts and a video board that will be used by both artists to improve the light show.

“I wanted to make better what we had in terms of the actual concert, so one thing we’re doing this time, because people complained about the sound on top last time, [is] we’re flying speakers, so we’ll have speakers hanging from the ceiling so the sound will be more equally distributed,” Hooper said. This is the first time that this will be done in IFCU Arena.

Talks about funds being used for a third artist took place, but this was decided against due to the flow of the concert.

“We felt that it was better to use the funds in promoting more events as well as improving the ones we have because the artists we have, I feel, is already a very complete and good concert, is going to hopefully sell-out and covers a wide interest,” Hooper said.


“Bringing in one of these artists that was like an old-timer from the 90s, kind of an old hits kind of thing, was kind of awkward seeing as how we have hip-hop and EDM,” Hooper added.

USG decided instead to give student artists and bands that have been contacting them all year a chance to open the show. This artist was decided today by a student vote during the Brookfest 2016 Artist Release Party, where students had the chance to watch the two groups perform during campus lifetime and then vote for who they wanted to open the concert.

The winner of the vote was announced as JUS, who goes by Justin Starling off stage. He has previously played at events on campus, including Roth Regatta and at past Seawolves Showcases.

UPDATE: March 3, 2016

This story was updated to include the name of the student who will be the opener for Brookfest. 


Featured image credit:Power 98 FM/Wikimedia Commons

Jessica Carnabuci

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