Laureano Andrade Vicenty, above, created the website Chewing the Scientific Fat with fellow students from Stony Brook and Mercy College. The website focuses on debunking misconceptions about science and breaking down complicated topics. KRYSTEN MASSA/THE STATESMAN

Three students from Stony Brook University and a student from Mercy College have created a website where they debunk scientific misconceptions and break down complicated topics for the public.

Laureano Andrade Vicenty, a senior biochemistry major, said he wanted the name to be unique, which is why he came up with “Chewing the Scientific Fat.” He said he came up with the idea for the website because he was trying to think of something he could do and call his own.

In conversations with his girlfriend Shelsie Delphin, a junior health science major who attends Mercy in Dobbs Ferry, New York, they talked about how many people have misconceptions about science and how there are a lot of people who are interested in science and want to learn more.

“Why don’t we as science majors find a way to talk to people and put certain information out there so people can have a better understanding of certain topics?” Delphin said.


Vicenty learned computer programming on Khan Academy in order to create the website. In the beginning, he got help from Delphin.

“She would tell me when the website looked ugly,” he said.

Delphin also started contributing health science articles to the website. After the website was up and running, he wanted to add more writers so he looked to his classmates. Vicenty asked Quiana Lewis, a junior bioscience major, and Tuesday Love, a senior biology major, both in his biochemistry 361 class.

“I liked the fact that college students who are fascinated by science can write about interesting current events that address the how and the what can be done about it,” Love said about why she decided to join as an author.


As someone who has always loved to write, Lewis jumped at the opportunity to start writing for the website. She said that having the practice writing the articles makes it a lot easier to research and write now.

“It is important to teach others what you know,” Love said.

She also said that one of the biggest things she learned was that one should never stop learning.

They all contribute when they have time and try to write about the most important and current topics. The website’s latest article was on debunking myths about vaccines.

Vicenty said that they want to expand the number of writers they have and are looking for students with scientific backgrounds to contribute to the website.


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