Undergraduate Student Government President Cole Lee announced during Thursday’s USG Senate meeting that he is working on an initiative to provide free laundry for undergraduate students who live on Stony Brook’s campus.

“A change of this nature with enormous magnitude, the sheer scope of it is an undertaking that requires massive, massive, massive time and effort,” Lee said. “As you may know, I’m no stranger to that, taking on big projects and initiatives and what I want to say is that there is an election coming up. And it’s my hope that the student body provides me with another electoral mandate to continue to get this done while I lay out the framework of this initiative now.”

Lee implored the senators to spend time around campus, from the residence halls to campus dining centers, to communicate planned changes to the student body.

“We’re going to continue to enhance student life at every turn,” Lee said. “We’re going to continue to take our advocacy efforts to unprecedented heights.”

The senate later approved appropriations acts for two clubs that were moved to line budget status last week.

The Stony Brook Ringers Appropriations Act allowed for $1021.09 to be moved to the budget of Stony Brook Ringers, a hand-bell and hand-chime choir. Senators also passed the Chess Club Appropriations Act, allocating a $600 budget for the Chess Club. Representatives of the club said that they plan to use the funds to pay for coaching and events.

Andrew Eichenholz

Andrew is a journalism student at Stony Brook University entering his sophomore year. He is a tennis coach at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center while he is not at Stony Brook, working with students of varying ages and levels, with a focus on the USTA'S Quickstart 10 and Under initiative. He also is an editorial writer for New York and Long Island Tennis Magazines.


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