With final exams and deadlines looming, what do you think is the worst part of the end of the semester? MEGAN MILLER/THE STATESMAN

The end is near…finally.

Every year as the semester winds down to a close, I find myself facing some of the worst weeks of my college experience. Finals are looming, papers are due and there is never an open outlet to be found in any of the library reading rooms.

These are a few of my not-favorite things. However, the real question I have for you, Stony Brook, is what are yours? What is it about the last few weeks of the semester that makes you crazy?

Is it hunting for change in your dorm because you’re out of meal points? Or that after an awesome semester with friends, you have to go home and deal with family members and their endless list of questions? (Yes, I am still single. No, I did not get a 4.0.)

If you have any reactions or feelings about the end of the school year, leave us a interesting and creative response in the comments section below. Your comment may be picked to be featured online or in a future Statesman piece.

Best of luck, Seawolves. May the curve be ever in your favor.

Emily Benson

Emily is a senior journalism major and business minor. She has been a member of The Statesman since her freshman year, an intern at a NPR member station, WSHU, and worked on the editorial board of the Albany newspaper, The Times Union. She was born and raised in the farm lands of upstate New York, and enjoys apple picking, long boarding, hiking, eating, breathing and sitting. Contact Emily at: [email protected]


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