Chris Sorochin is a former adjunct instructor in Stony Brook’s Department of Linguistics and the current host of WUSB’s “If This Be Treason.”

It’s been several decades now since college campuses were adult environments, and I guess the move towards becoming an extension of high school continues apace with the “Tobacco Free Initiative.”  Will there, I wonder, be signs, like the ones at schoolyards which proclaim them “drug free” and provoke knowing smirks from students past and present? Will roving bands of self-appointed “hall monitors” hand out demerits?

Chief Deputy to the President Judith Greiman says the new policy is part of a “culture of respect.” I hope Ms. Greiman will forgive me and Stony Brook’s other smokers for feeling considerably less than respected by the new regulations, which would effectively compel us to travel off campus to smoke if we’re not lucky enough to have a car in which to take shelter. Or if we do have a car parked in one of Stony Brook’s far-flung, inaccessible lots.

If memory serves, didn’t the University Senate vote down this exact measure a couple of years ago? I guess that doesn’t matter, does it? It certainly would be nice to know why the Administration finds this particular bit of unreasonable prohibitionism so incredibly necessary, though. Is it to appease deep-pocketed entities (like Mike Bloomberg or certain pharmaceutical companies) that control research funding and grants?  

Many thanks to the senators who spoke out against this measure. It’s nice to know there are still some reasonable people out there.