This year’s Cultural Carnival Event hosted by Chinese Association of Stony Brook (CASB) and Asian Student Alliance (ASA) took place on Thursday, Oct. 15 in the Student Activities Center Ballroom A.

CASB is an organization dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and traditions.

ASA works to educate and promote Asian American culture by hosting and organizing meetings and cultural events.

The two organizations joined forces, not only promote their own cultures but a multitude of other cultures in one carnival.


Students enjoyed their leisure time eating food, playing games and watching performances.

Stony Brook students had the option to purchase tickets. They had a choice of purchasing tickets for only games for $3 or games and food an additional $2.

Students purchased their tickets at the Undergraduate Student Government office and then exchanged them for a game card.

This allowed participants to play a total of five games.


Participants received a small ticket and had their card hole punched for every game they participated in.

Winners received tickets after winning a game. They would then submit the tickets to win a prize the end.

ASA did an exceptional job providing a variety of cultural food for the event.

The Cultural Carnival menu was filled with a variety of food from around the world.

It consisted of entrees such as pork fried rice, dukbokki, vegetable pad thai and red curry chicken with white rice


There were appetizers such as lumpia, California rolls, scallion pancakes and drinks including herbal tea and soft drinks.

The carnival provided 20 game stations, which allowed students to move from table to table.

A number of cultural games were played at the carnival.

Some games included at the event were Shateki, a Japanese target practice shooting game, Cultural Taboo and Ddakji, a traditional Korean game.

Other games included Chopsticks and marbles; Knockout; “Angry Birds;” Shuriken Toss; which is a World of Warcraft game, Twirl Tournament; Cornhole; Twenty Twist, which is a numbers game and Bra Pong, a breast cancer-awareness game.

CASB organized activities like the Egg Tart Eating Contest, Speed Stacking, Ping Pong Twerk and Fish Pong. Winners received a live gold fish.


Student organizations gather together once a year for this event to raise funds.

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority created the “Toss for Hope” to promote breast cancer awareness. They plan to use the proceeds to support the cause.

“Our goal is to participate in the ‘Avon Walk 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer’ in NYC Oct. 17 and 18,” Kelly Liu, sociology major and vice president of Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, said, “We have to raise up to $1,800 so I can walk 39.9 miles on behalf of our organization. We collaborate in events like these, such as the bra-making workshop, to raise the funds that we need.”

Last October, the organization raised up to $4,700, according to Liu.

“Hopefully this year we can raise $5,000,” Liu said.

Other student organizations, such as Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority designed the “Pin the Bow on Mister Bones” game.

This game is a play off of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”


Participants tried aiming to place the bow on the image of the skeleton while blindfolded.

Helen Wong, a freshman biology major, was thrilled after winning this game.

“After I won, I win a ticket, and they place it in a large bowl so I can get a prize,” Wong said.

International Fraternities also contributed in the event and introduced a variety of games for students to play.


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