Owners of a single-family home were ticketed by the Town of Brookhaven Law Department on Oct. 3 for having converted it into illegal housing. PHOTO CREDIT: TOWN OF BROOKHAVEN

Town of Brookhaven Law Department investigators ticketed owners of a single -family home in Stony Brook that was being converted into illegal housing on Oct. 3.

A Stony Brook resident tipped investigators that the single family home at 100 University Heights Drive was being used for illegal off-campus housing, according to a town news release.

Law investigators found that construction crews were in the process of constructing four new illegal bedrooms in the house, which had three legal bedrooms and an illegal living space in the basement.

Investigators said the front living room was in the process of being split into two bedrooms, while a den had already been converted into two bedrooms. It also appeared that the garage was ready to be converted as well, according to investigators.

The owners of the property live in St. James and were not present during the investigation. The investigators issued misdemeanor appearance tickets for the illegal conversions, along with a tall grass ticket.

Town Supervisor Ed Romaine applauded the resident who reported the illegal housing and the investigators who stepped in.

“We will continue to crack down on unscrupulous landlords and I ask residents to be vigilant and report illegal activity in their neighborhood,” he said in the news release.


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