The author of this piece is an employee of the university and has requested anonymity in order to protect their identity.

Being an alumni of this great university and now an employee, there are many things that I am proud of. This university has continuing success in academics, athletics, medicine and research. Its population and reputation is also growing, domestically and internationally. This is evident by the growing number of students joining our university and the increasing need for faculty and staff.

But this is where one of my frustrations lie.

Now, I know that parking is not a new topic of discussion. I just realized that this semester it has become a bit worse. Granted, as I mentioned previously, I understand Stony Brook’s need to grow with student population, faculty and staff. Don’t you think the accommodations should reflect that as well? As a staff member, I am glad that I have a complimentary parking pass. But there is no place to use it! Sometimes, it’s due to construction that has closed off several staff parking spots, and other times to selfish persons that do not mind getting several parking tickets because they can get more sleep by driving their cars less than a mile to park illegally. In case you are unaware, there is free public transportation around campus.

As with all the staff members in my department, it is normal for us to put in a 10-hour day due to the specific responsibilities we have and skill sets that we offer. Do I really need to drive into the office before 9 a.m. instead of arriving at my scheduled time of noon just to get a parking spot? Do I have to make a longer day for myself so I can get a reasonable parking spot? I spent 45 minutes today driving from lot to lot, making sure that I park in the lot that my parking tag is made for. I finally went into the paid lot, so I would not be late for my scheduled times.

As I have stated, this is just a rant about my frustration. I am sure there are others that share this as well. Dr. Stanley and university administration, I thank you for continuing the growth of Stony Brook University, but please add a parking complex to your list of building projects at SBU.