Stony Brook University unveiled the new Institute for Advanced Computational Science on Friday, Sept. 18.

“The opening of IACS marks an important day for Stony Brook consistent with Stony Brook’s mission to encourage the untethered pursuit of scientific discovery among our faculty,” President Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. said at the institute’s opening ceremony. “The work at IACS helps us better understand our world and our universe.”

The grand opening began with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley to promote the new center, with a reception and tours for those who attended the event.

“While we are ostensibly christening the new home for IACS today, research, collaboration, education and discovery has been happening here really since the institute’s founding,” Stanley said.

The mission of IACS is to use computer science to make developments in other fields, such as business and medicine.

IACS gives both undergraduate and graduate students fellowship opportunities to work with their facilities, including the New Recruit Fellowship which is open to students in departments like the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Physics, Computer Science, Sociology, Materials Science, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Ecology and Evolution.

The center holds various seminars and workshops that encompass these different fields and more.

“While respecting [the donor’s] request for privacy, I just want to say, if they’re listening today, to the anonymous donors, we thank you so much for your investment in Stony Brook University,” Stanley said.


Kelly Saberi

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