Billie Joe Armstrong, above, is the lead singer of Green Day. Armstrong formed the punk-rock ban in 1986. PHOTO CREDIT: SVEN-SEBASTIAN SAJAK
Billie Joe Armstrong, above, is the lead singer of Green Day. Armstrong formed the punk-rock band in 1986. PHOTO CREDIT: SVEN-SEBASTIAN SAJAK

The completely student-run theatre group, Pocket Theatre, is tackling the Tony-nominated musical, “American Idiot.”

Prospective actors for the show came in last week to audition. The team of directors decided on a fairly traditional audition process: students filled out audition slips, sang 16-32 bars of music in the style of the show and waited to hear about callbacks.

The musical that officially debuted in 2010 featured music from the band Green Day, with songs from their album, “21st Century Breakdown,” as well as unreleased songs from their 2004 album, “American Idiot.”

Approximately 30 students auditioned and at most, 20 students will be cast in the show.

This can be a nerve-wracking experience, but Kayla Doyle and Ashlyn Libert, the pair responsible for holding auditions, claimed that the perspective performers for this show continue to blow them away.

At callbacks, the directors will pick students to sing song selections from the musical, act out scenes, and pair performers together to see what looks best for the show.

Doyle and Libert said that they cannot wait to get this cast together. They said, “this is a show where the students can really show off their vocals.”

“American Idiot” is a perfect show for college age students to come and enjoy. The original production ran at California’s Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 2009. The show then moved to New York City’s St. James theatre on Broadway.


Some of Pocket Theater’s past performances include “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Next To Normal” and “Bike America.”

Filled with teenage angst, pop punk music and blatant political statements, this rendition of “American Idiot” is surely not a show to miss out on this upcoming November.


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