On Wednesday, Sept. 9 nine students were trapped in an elevator in Stimson College located in Roosevelt Quad. No injuries were reported. ARIELLE MARTINEZ/THE STATESMAN

Nine female students were trapped in an elevator for about 45 minutes in Stimson College on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

“There were no injuries and no one was removed to the Hospital,” Assistant Chief of Police Eric Olsen said in an email to The Statesman. “At this time it appears the reason for the entrapment was overcrowding in the elevator.”

The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. in Roosevelt Quad. The girls were trapped between the second and third floors until approximately 9:15 p.m..

“Officers responded to Stimson College for a report of an elevator entrapment,” Olsen said. “Fire Marshals also responded and were able free the occupants.”

Kelly Saberi

Kelly is a sophomore journalism major from Commack, New York. She began writing for The Statesman in the fall of her freshman year. She hopes to one day become a foreign correspondent. In the meantime, she is excited to bring fresh stories to the arts section. Contact Kelly at: [email protected]


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