Stony Brook alumni Alexis Ashley Hall (New Windsor, New York) and William Edward Fiordalisi (Garden City, New York) will tie the knot this holiday weekend after dating for nearly five years.

Alexis Hall, left, and Edward Fiordalisi, right, met at Stony Brook University in the fall of 2011. The couple will wed this weekend at The Meadow Brook in New Windsor, N.Y. (PHOTO COURTESY OF ALEXIS HALL)
Alexis Hall, left, and William Fiordalisi, right, met at Stony Brook University in the fall of 2011. The couple will wed this weekend at The Meadowbrook in New Windsor, New York. (PHOTO COURTESY OF ALEXIS HALL)

Hall, a transfer student and history major who graduated in 2013, and Fiordalisi, a health science major who graduated in 2014, met in the fall semester of 2011 after Hall’s first week on campus.

“I met him after my first week at Kelly Dining when he came up to my friend and I and asked us to hang out with him and his friends at the dorm in Kelly Quad,” Hall said. “After hanging out, he walked me to my 8:00 a.m. class the next day and we became pretty much inseparable.”

Fiordalisi, who worked as Wolfie at the time and moved into his dorm early, recalled the encounter differently.


“When I moved into the dorm I snuck my friends in as well and we partied. Hard.” he said.  “We drank as if a civil war doctor was coming in to saw our legs off.”

“Now after partying all Saturday night with no sleep, on Sunday morning, two off-campus friends urged me to go to the old Kelly Dining in order to bring girls back to continue partying,” he continued.  “I fought against them–arguing that it is a Sunday morning on a dead campus there is no way I will find any girls for them to hook up with–but they insisted. I figured that I would go to Kelly Dining and get my usual big carton of milk and large oatmeal cookie and finish them both before I pay for them as I normally did.”

“I was halfway done with milk and cookies I see the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen on campus: Alexis and her friend,” Fiordalisi said.  “I figured I had no chance with them but that if I did manage to bring them back, my friends would view me as a hero. So, with milk and cookie in hand, I approached them and I was so nervous that I stuttered every word. I even accidentally told her that I was just visiting. She didn’t want to hang out but her friend pushed her to come.”

“When she and [her] friend finally came to the apartment, we hung out and talked a lot and eventually got to the discussion of ‘good guys’,” he said. “My friend Tom–now a groomsman–said if ‘you’re looking for a nice guy, look no further, here he is.’  She didn’t believe that I could be a nice guy so she tested me.”


“She said ‘if you are a nice guy, you will walk me to my class tomorrow’. I said ‘Sure, what time?’ She replied 6:30 a.m. and I said sure I’ll do it,” he said.  “Just so I didn’t miss it, I stayed up for a second night in a row. Before I got her I went to [Kelly Dining] to pick up more milk, cookies and cotton candy ice cream to give to her as breakfast.  [I] brought her to her class, let her wear my sweatshirt [because] it started to rain, and then skipped all the way back to my dorm from the Union.”

“Two weeks in, after bringing her breakfast and waking her up in morning by knocking at her bedroom window, she asked me to be [her boyfriend],” he said.  “Obviously I said yes.”

Fiordalisi proposed to Hall on Dec. 7, 2012 under the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City in front of her entire family. Now at Hofstra University, Hall is entering her last year of law school and Fiordalisi is finishing his master’s degree in health education.

Hall and Fiordalisi will wed this Fourth of July at The Meadowbrook in New Windsor, New York.

“We are still close [to] our friends we met at Stony Brook and many will be in our wedding,” Hall said. “Stony Brook is where we fell in love and it will always hold a special place in our heart.”


Update: Thursday, July 2, 11:04 a.m.: At the couple’s request, part of the original article was retracted for privacy purposes.

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