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  1. Stony Brook students need a break, too 
    Stony Brook University students endure classes from Sept. 2 to Nov. 27 without any breaks. Opinions writer Emily Benson wrote about why she thinks this needs to change.
  2. SCPD says death outside Stimson College appeared to be a suicide 
    The Suffolk County Police Department ruled a male student’s death outside Stimson College to be a “non-criminal death” that appeared to be a suicide. The Suffolk County Police Department Public Information Office said the incident took place at approximately 1:53 p.m.
  3. Why we need fraternity houses 
    Fraternity houses are illegal on Long Island. Assistant Opinions editor Tejen Shah wrote about why Stony Brook would be safer and more fun if they were legal.
  4. Sarah speaks: plaintiff in sexual assault case addresses flaws in Stony Brook judiciary system 
    Stony Brook University alumna Sarah Tubbs met with members of the media on March 10 to discuss the lawsuit she filed against the school for alleged “deliberate indifference” in the handling of her sexual assault case.
  5. SBU faces lawsuit for “deliberate indifference” in allegedly mishandling sexual assault case 
    A Stony Brook University alumna later identified as Sarah Tubbs filed a lawsuit against the university for the manner in which the administration allegedly handled her complaint of sexual assault by another student.
  6. Man in possession of unloaded firearm and meat cleaver arrested on campus 
    The University Police Department responded to a report that a man forcibly entered his former girlfriend’s office in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building wearing a wig, threatened her and forcibly took her cellphone. A search of the wooded area where the man fled before his arrest revealed an unloaded .38 caliber handgun, along with a backpack containing the wig, a meat cleaver and other assorted items.
  7. SBU students bring “Free the Nipple” campaign to campus 
    James College hosted a film screening and discussion about the Free The Nipple campaign. The goal of the event was to make students aware of global censorship and oppression of women.
  8. SBU School of Pharmacy on the horizon 
    Stony Brook started the approval process to open up a new School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky, senior vice president for the health sciences and dean of the School of Medicine, said, “A School of Pharmacy would also draw outstanding Stony Brook students from the undergraduate campus who are seeking careers in the health sciences.”
  9. Fall Fashion 2014 
    Fall fashion this year included the classic combat boot, over-sized sweater look, but also carried the new trend of unique patterns, Timberland boots, statement necklaces and the latest Nike collection. The Multimedia section captured this year’s fall looks.
  10. Statesman sports writer experiences Stony Brook Cheerleading first hand 
    Assistant Sports editor David Vertsberger learned about the challenges and virtues of cheerleading first-hand when he took part in fall tryouts.
  11. Adrian Coxson looks to achieve NFL aspirations with help from former Super Bowl champ 
    Stony Brook football’s Adrian Coxson, who was once a top wide receiver recruit coming out of high school, turned to NFL veteran Qadry Ismail to help fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.
  12. University owes nearly $4.2 million in misappropriated TAP funds 
    Stony Brook University owes nearly $4.2 million in financial aid under the State Tuition Assistance Program that was awarded to ineligible students over three years, according to a report released on Jan. 9, 2015 by the Office of the New York State Comptroller. In an email to the university community regarding the audit, Provost Dennis Assanis called for a review of what he described as an “outdated” interpretation of State Education Department regulations.
  13. The Tabler Piano Steps Project will add to Tabler Quad’s “artsy” image 
    The Tabler Steps will soon be  transformed to look like a Steinway grand piano. The student-based project’s goal is to incorporate art into everyday campus life.
  14. Meal plans largely insufficient for on-campus students 
    A Statesman review of Campus Dining prices revealed the Bronze meal plan is leaving students’ wallets and stomachs empty. As of the spring 2014 semester, 3,238 students were enrolled in the least the Bronze plan, according to the Faculty Student Association website. After the $605 operating fee, students are left with approximately $11 to spend per day.
  15. Letter to the Editor: Student Activity Fee needs to benefit students 
    Undergraduate Student Government  Vice President of Student Life Kenneth Myers addressed two major concerns of students—Brookfest and club funding. Myers wrote that USG is not a business and should spend money, not save it.
  16. The Know: 19 Things I Learned at 19 
    Opinions Editor Niveditha Obla wrote about the biggest lessons she learned at 19, covering everything from self-doubt to boys and parents.

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