The Undergraduate Student Government runoff elections for the 2015-2016 academic year ended today with members of the HOUSE Party winning six of the seven executive council positions. Below are the results:

Friday, May 8, 1:16 p.m.: This story has been updated to include the number of votes earned by all runoff candidates for each executive council position, which The Statesman received from the USG Elections Board.

President: Cole Lee (Total vote: 810, 54 percent)

James Alrassi (Total vote: 690, 46 percent)

Executive Vice-President: Krisly Zamor (Total vote: 768, 50 percent)

Luo Luo Fang (Total vote: 757, 50 percent)

Vice President of Communications: Brody Hooper (Total vote: 741, 50 percent)

Jason Mazza (Total vote: 728, 50 percent)


Vice President of Student Life: Fiqry Kleib (Total vote: 735, 50 percent)

Nathan Blazon-Brown (Total vote: 731, 50 percent)

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Chinelo Obinero (Total vote: 802, 56 percent)

Bryan Michel (Total vote: 638, 44 percent)

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Danielle Ali (Total vote: 757, 52 percent)

John Mele (Total vote: 688, 48 percent)

Junior marine vertebrate biology major Taylor Bouraad won the treasurer position last week with 50 percent of the vote. Bouraad ran with the PARTY Party.

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