According to the Undergraduate Student Government website, junior marine vertebrate biology major Taylor Bouraad will assume the position of Treasurer for the 2015-2016 academic year. All other executive council positions in this year’s elections went into a runoff, meaning none of the candidates received 50 percent of the vote. A runoff election with a new ballot will be held from Monday, May 4 through Friday, May 8 on SOLAR. Below are the current results:

Saturday, May 2, 2:30 p.m.: This story has been updated to include the number of no confidence votes for each executive council position, which The Statesman received from the USG Elections Board.

President – runoff between Cole Lee (Total vote: 1048, 46 percent) and James Alrassi (Total vote: 931, 41 percent)

No confidence (Total vote: 302, 13 percent)

Executive Vice President– runoff between Luo Luo Fang (Total vote: 975, 44 percent)  and Krisly Zamor (Total vote: 953, 43 percent)

No confidence (Total vote: 305, 14 percent)

Treasurer – Taylor Bouraad (Total vote: 1149, 50 percent)

Naib Chowdhury (Total vote: 878, 39 percent), No confidence (Total vote: 252, 11 percent)


Vice President of Student Life – runoff between Nathan Blazon-Brown (Total vote: 922, 41 percent) and Fiqry Kleib (Total vote: 813, 36 percent)

Christopher Smith (Total vote: 261, 12 percent), No confidence (Total vote: 238, 11 percent)

Vice President of Communications – runoff between Jason Mazza (Total vote: 944, 43 percent) and Brody Hooper (Total vote: 889, 41 percent)

No confidence (Total vote: 360, 16 percent)

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations – runoff between Chinelo Obinero (Total vote: 667, 30 percent) and Bryan Michel (Total vote: 607, 27 percent)


Raisa Nishat (Total vote: 245, 11 percent), Elmer Flores (Total vote: 400, 18 percent), No confidence (Total vote: 300, 14 percent)

Vice President of Academic Affairs – runoff between John Mele (Total vote: 873, 41 percent) and Danielle Ali (Total vote: 939, 44 percent)

No confidence: (Total vote: 333, 16 percent)

Senior Class Senator – Drazen Barcarra

Junior Class Senator – Jonathan Rodriguez

Sophomore Class Senator – Angelica Husni


CAS Senators

Mahnoor Raheel

Nida Kuruvilla

Jin Wei Lin

Tasnia Ahmed

Laura O’Shea

Troy Chinnici


Asia Grant-Murray

Rawson Jahan

Michelle Olakkengil

Alexander Bouraad

Maximillian Shaps

Victor Ng

CEAS Senators

Vallipian Lakshmanan

Joshua Seobarrab

Michael Libretto

HSC Senator

Lydia Senatus


To meet all the candidates in this year’s elections, check out The Statesman’s Election Guide.


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