Campaigning for this year’s Undergraduate Student Government elections has officially begun. Friday, April 17 marked the beginning of campaigning, and candidates will be pushing for student votes until voting begins. Starting on April 27, the SOLAR system will open up for voting. Elections officially end on May 1.

Here is the list of candidates, what positions they are running for and their affiliated parties:

PARTY (Proactive, Accessible, Responsible, Transparent and for You) Party

  • President: James Alrassi
  • Treasurer: Taylor Bouraad
  • Executive Vice President: Luo Luo Fang
  • Vice President of Communications: Jason Mazza
  • Vice President of Student Life: Nathan Blazon-Brown
  • Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Bryan Michel
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: John Mele
  • Junior Class Senator: Ashley Andreaggi
  • College of Arts and Sciences Senators: Alexander Bouraad, Sunjum Dhariwal, Patrick Hughes, Christine McIsaac, Michelle Olakkengil, Maximillian Shaps, Sara Supriyatno, Genesis Taveras, Caitlin Weisz, Hunter White, Jenny Yang, Steven Youssef
  • College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Senators: Joseph DiVirgilio, Valliappan Lakshmanan, Michael LiBretto, Kevin Mulder, Pooja Pandya
  • Health Sciences Center Senator: Lydia Senatus

HOUSE (Holistic Opportunities Utilized for Student Equity) Party

  • President: Cole Lee
  • Treasurer: Naib Chowdhury
  • Executive Vice President: Krisly Zamor
  • Vice President of Communications: Brody Hooper
  • Vice President of Student Life: Fiqry Kleib
  • Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Chinelo Obinero
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Danielle Ali
  • Senior Class Senator: Drazen Bacarra
  • Junior Class Senator: Jonathan Rodriguez
  • Sophomore Class Senator: Angelica Husni
  • CAS Senators: Tasnia Ahmed, Troy Chinnici, Asia Grant-Murray, Rawson Jahan, Nida Kuruvilla, Jinwei Lin, Victor Ng, Laura O’Shea, Mahnoor Raheel, Zohaib Rattu
  • CEAS Senators: Asim Rattu, Joshua Seobarran, Jacob Shipkevich


  • Vice President of Student Life: Christopher Smith
  • Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Elmer Flores, Raisa Nishat
  • Senior Class Senator: Jovan Lehrfeld-Booker
  • CAS Senator: Scott Bamberger, Daffeny Barochin, Kwabena Busia, Kyle Capobianco-Hogan, Danielle Dostaly, Clare Finnegan, Michael Gusev, Christine Publik

Correction: April 20, 2015

The print version of this article erroneously listed Patrick Hughes and Christine McIsaac as independent candidates. Both are running under the PARTY Party, and the online version has been corrected.

Christopher Leelum

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