USG announced last month the cancelled Streetlight Manifesto concert, originally scheduled for January, will now take place on April 20. “A dope concert is just what these exhausted students need to chill out and relax. Thanks to USG scheduling this event on 4/20, many students may get extraordinarily high scores on their exams.” PHOTO CREDIT: JOE ABBRUSCATO

Streetlight Manifesto is back and set to perform on 4/20. This is fantastic news for many students—myself included—who were left disjointed following the blunt cancellation of the punk band’s January concert. The Undergraduate Student Government is certainly doing a fantastic job sweetening the pot for us undergraduates, who, if we include Brookfest’15, now get to attend two concerts with our buds. I have not seen any posters around campus yet, but perhaps they are still rolled tight, stashed away by USG from prying eyes.

Yes, here at Stony Brook, April 20 is such a major part of our campus calendar—some would call it the month’s high point. It is around this time when leaves return to the trees and the grass becomes green once more. But this day being a big deal makes sense at such a science-focused school; after all, April 20 is a historic day in aeronautics. In 1983, engines of the Russian space shuttle Soyuz T-8 were set ablaze, billowing smoke as the spacemen steered the craft toward the Salyut-7 Satellite.

The significance of USG scheduling the Streetlight Manifesto concert on 4/20 goes beyond just the scientific history of the date, as 4/20 is right in the middle of midterm season for undergraduates. These students will want to escape the stress and pressure of exams, which often make them feel chronically tired. A dope concert is just what these exhausted students will need to chill out and relax. Thanks to USG scheduling this event on 4/20, many students may get extraordinarily high scores on their exams.

These reasons notwithstanding, there are many others that would explain why USG chose 4/20 for this concert: It could light up hype for Brookfest’15, which is just four days later. Though only the headline act has been announced, the concert may help any undergraduate students who feel burned that the other performers are still a mystery.


Regardless of the reasons why the concert is scheduled on 4/20, the fact remains the event is looking to be a total blowout—if enough people show up to its venue (SAC Ballroom A), they’ll be positively baking in the heat.

Streetlight Manifesto’s return to Stony Brook, in spite of the first cancellation, still has students pumped up for the concert. One look at the event’s Facebook page shows excitement for the band is as bright and lively as ever, and that even after 3 months, it has not dimmed a bit.

Floating high above all else, one thing is certain: with all this excitement and the special date, the 4/20 concert has Stony Brook students fired up. If it lives up to expectations, it will be a night to remember. The memories of a great concert with great friends will stay with the attendees for a long, long time.

At least the ones who aren’t stoned as all hell.


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