The Apple Watch can only be used with the iPhone, and has a starting price of $349.  APPLE / TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE

Let me preface this article: I am not an Apple hater, nor am I an Apple fanatic. I do use an iPhone, purely for the reasons of its simplicity.

Apple products are known for simplicity, and that is what the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch is not. I mean, what do you really need in a watch? Well, let’s first define the word “watch” (noun): Based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a watch is “a device that shows what time it is and that you wear on your wrist or carry in a pocket.” The Apple Watch does fit in the definition, but its other excessive features are really not necessary.

Here are five reasons why you should not buy the Apple Watch:

  1. The price: The Apple Watch starts at $349. This is actually absurd because the iPhone is almost half the price of the Apple Watch. The base price is for the Apple Watch Sport. There are other options, such as the Apple Watch (wow, such a creative model name) starting at $549 and the Apple Watch Edition, featuring an 18-karat gold case, starting as low as $10,000. Really? You might as well buy six 1oz gold bars and a cheap JCPenney Casio wristwatch, because that seems like a better and wiser investment. Oh, and its cheaper to do so.
  2. The Apple Watch can only be used with the iPhone to activate all of its features. Great! You can now answer your iPhone from your watch, because Apple knows you are too lazy to reach through your pocket when you receive a call.
  3. Charging: Seriously? Who in their right mind had the concept of charging a watch? If you are like me, you probably have a ton of adapters for all your contraptions like your phone, laptop, speakers, fan, trimmer, your other fan, et cetera. What sane person would agree to have an unnecessary adapter—especially for a watch—in addition to the current collection they already have?
  4. It shows time. You already have a phone that shows time. Not only does it show time but it takes and receives calls, gives directions, tracks your health, downloads apps and stores music. It also fits conveniently in your pocket. Why would you want some other accessory, which in fact accessorizes your phone that does the same things, if not less?
  5. Not only is it a horrible investment for you, but it is also a cruel one. There are children around the world that have barely anything to eat while you raise your exultant smile when the Apple employee hands you your purchase. You would be less abominable if you threw $349 on the street. It is littering but it is a deed.


  1. Just because the Wall Street people rob and spend exorbitant amounts of money, doesn’t mean that the people buying useless junk like the Apple Watch are blameless…

  2. It was slightly amusing until point 5. You need prayer or a trip to the wizard of Oz for a brain. With Wall Street people making obscene amounts of money and these self service politicians in Washington, you are going to say something about somebody who pays $349 of their own money on a watch? You are a fool pure and simple and your preface is BS.

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