The new tea options bring a  nice flavor for students to try and enjoy .CHELSEA KATZ / THE STATESMAN
The new tea options bring a variety of new flavors for students to try and enjoy. CHELSEA KATZ / THE STATESMAN

When someone goes to the Charles B. Wang Center and gets a selection of Vietnamese pressed sandwiches, muffins, tea infused scones, cupcakes or several choices of tea, they have found the new Jasmine Tea House.

The Tea House was added to Jasmine during winter break.

“I like this better, it’s cleaner it’s fresher, it’s newer, it’s just like a different feel,” Shawna Burke, a junior political science major, said about working at the new Tea House as opposed to her old job at Jasmine in the kitchen.

Angela M. Agnello, director of Marketing and Communications of the Faculty Student Association, said, “The Jasmine Tea House is providing an opportunity to expand student employment opportunities.”


During the winter break, student employees began training for the new teahouse. They learned how to make certain foods, which include the pressed sandwiches, muffins, frozen yogurt and more.

“Student staff are being trained as ‘tea sommeliers,’ learning how to steep teas at optimal time and temperature and to prepare recipes for the new food and beverages available at the Jasmine Tea House,” Agnello said.

Students working at the Tea House tried approximately 28 tea samples during their training.

They have also sampled each of the pastries offered at the Tea House in order to assist customers.


“Everybody says that the cinnamon scones are the bomb,” Burke said.

Jenny Wong, a junior health science major, who also works at the Tea House, said that the chai cupcakes sell out frequently.

Although this area in the Wang Center already has a place to get bubble tea, Faculty Student Association decided to put together a new larger area with a different variety of tea.

All of the different teas can be made iced or hot. 

FSA also added a new sushi station and an additional spot for hot Asian entrees with a cash register for speed service.


Some students still go to the Jasmine Tea House for bubble tea.  Doria Canino, a junior marine biology major, said, “What I like is the bubble tea, it’s my particular choice of tea.”

“I really like it and I usually come here twice a week,” Canino said.  “I saw it on Tuesday after I transferred here.”

The cost of the Jasmine Tea House project was approximately $800,000. It included the equipment, project design and the new sushi and tea bar additions.

The Jasmine Tea House is currently operated by Lackmann Culinary Services.

“At this time, we are unaware of any upcoming changes at the management for the Jasmine Tea House next semester,” Agnello said.

The Jasmine Tea House is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is also open Saturday through Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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