Filet mignon is the most tender of the cuts of beef. According to CNN iReports, the term first appeared in author O. Henry's book "The Four Million," written in 1906. GISELLE BARKLEY / THE STATESMAN
Filet mignon is the most tender of the cuts of beef. According to CNN iReports, the term first appeared in author O. Henry’s book “The Four Million,” written in 1906. GISELLE BARKLEY / THE STATESMAN

Most people are willing to dish out more money for their significant others come Valentine’s Day. Steak, especially filet mignon, is one the more expensive proteins, but when seasoned and cooked right, it is well worth the cost.

This cut of meat is the tenderloin of the beef. The name “Filet Mignon” is simply a fancy way of saying beef tenderloin steak according to Food Stuff.




Two 4-ounce filet mignon


Small red potatoes

Green beans

Basil (fresh or pre-ground)

Garlic powder


Black pepper


Parsley (fresh or pre-ground)

1 stick of butter or extra virgin olive oil

¼ cup red cooking wine


¼ cup Balsamic vinegar


First, grab two sauce pans and set both on the stove on medium heat. Place some of the butter or olive oil in one of the pans as the stove is heating. This pan will be used to sautée the potatoes and the green beans.

Cut the red potatoes into halves and place into the pan. Sprinkle garlic powder and parsley on top of the potatoes. Add the green beans and mix the ingredients in the pan to spread the seasoning. If you used olive oil and like salty vegetables, you can add some salt, but be careful as garlic powder is already salty.

Stir the ingredients occasionally to make sure the vegetables do not burn as they cook.

While the vegetables cook, season both sides of the meat by sprinkling on basil, garlic powder, pepper and a pinch of salt. Once again, be careful when seasoning the meat with both garlic powder and salt.

To cook the meat, you need a lid for the second pan. Place the meat in the pan either prior to or after adding the red wine and balsamic vinegar. Lower the temperature to medium low heat when adding the red wine and balsamic vinegar.


Regardless of when you add the red wine and vinegar, be careful when pouring them into the pan.  Balsamic vinegar has a strong smell when heated.

Cook the meat for one minute on each side or until browned. If you have not added the red wine and vinegar yet, lower the temperature to medium low heat and carefully pour the ingredients into the pan. Cover the meat with a lid and cook for four minutes on each side.

If it is your first time cooking this type of meat and you are unsure how cooked the meat is, either use a meat thermometer or carefully cut the fillets down the center to check. This is also called a butterflied fillet.

Keep an eye on the potatoes and green beans. If you like softer potatoes, try and cut one with a spoon as it cooks. If a spoon can cut the potato with ease, then the vegetables are ready. If you do not like the potatoes very soft, taste one of the pieces and continue to cook to your liking.

When the meat is ready, place the fillets on a plate and drizzle the remaining red wine balsamic glaze onto the fillets. Add the vegetables to the plate and enjoy a romantic dinner for two. This is also a great recipe to cook with or for a group of friends.



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