It is 2:30 p.m.—the middle of my long school day—and instead of focusing on classwork, I am trying to cope with my I-need-caffeine headache that seemingly comes right on cue. In a case like this, even if I were to get out of class early, I would never make it to Starbucks, get my drink and be on time for my next class.

The struggle is real for the college students who pack their class schedules so tightly they actually forget to eat in those 10 to 15 minutes they have to get from one class to another. We all know what it’s like—finally getting the opportunity to stop into the Student Activities Center for something to snack on, but after seeing the horrifying sight of packed students and lines wrapped around the entrance, we get scared away.

Waiting is not worth walking into class 10 minutes late, except when you look up and it is somehow 5 p.m. and your stomach rumbling is reminding you that you skipped lunch—again.

So how do we solve this issue? What about an app allowing you to text your order to one of the food establishments on campus? That way, by the time you get there, it is ready.


Campus Dining is in the midst of possibly bringing this app to campus. Tapingo is claimed to be “the complete mobile ordering solution for campuses.” Colleges such as the University of Arizona, New York University and Trinity College, to name a few, already use it.

The idea behind the app is perfect for the ideal college student who does not have time to waste 15 to 30 minutes in the SAC or the Student Union waiting to order and then finally get their food.

This is not a knock on Campus Dining. The food places on campus do the best they can, considering every student usually decides to eat at the same time. But with the use of this app, the more proactive college students will be able to get in and get out, having already ordered their food.

And with this app, you pay when you order—on your phone. That means we could skip the line to wait for our food and the line to pay, which gets just as long.


Any time we can save is precious. The less time we spend waiting in line for food is more time we have to squeeze in for that luxurious nap later on.

Utilizing this app for our campus will not just benefit the students, but the school as well. According to the feedback on the Tapingo website, universities are claiming students will purchase more things when ordering from Tapingo compared to the “walk-in” student. So not only is the app something convenient for us hard-working college kids, but also for the university.

An app of this type is a win for all who are involved. In fact, Starbucks recently launched its own mobile ordering app it Portland, Oregon. According to an article published by Elite Daily, the corporation already experienced success with its app.  It is said to be available nationwide once the new year rolls around. Starbucks is an incredibly successful corporation and it can see that the way of the future is through mobile ordering.

I vote yes for Tapingo, but the idea to bring the app to campus is still just in the works. So unfortunately, the only mobile app I may be able to use any time soon is the Starbucks one that will hopefully launch nation-wide by 2015.

However, I am hoping I can see this change by the time I graduate. I am sure most college students would agree the idea to bring this app to campus is a favorable one, and it will certainly be utilized. I mean, what is the point of technological advancements if it can’t make your food get into your belly as quickly as possible?


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