Thanksgiving break could not come soon enough for Stony Brook students, especially because of the lack of any other breaks in the fall semester. Students who live in the area, like Alyssa Barroso from Nassau, get to go home, relax and spend time with their families. Danielle Francois lives in Baldwin, New York, which is close enough for her to travel home as well to have Thanksgiving dinner with her family. As for the exchange students, well, they were stuck on campus. Hyun Kyung, an exchange student from Korea, made the best of being here during break by going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with her friend. She described it as very crowded and cold, but worth it. Other students, like Alex Volkov, an exchange student from Russia, and Justin O’Shea, from Santa Fe, made the most of their stuck-on-campus break by going to friends’ homes for dinner. Volkov described campus as boring because nobody was around and O’Shea made his own fun by going to parties. Since Thanksgiving break is so close to the end of the semester, students like Stan Shaji did more school work than relaxing—after he ate a lot of turkey, of course.



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