An anonymous Yakker spread a rumor that the Wendy’s in Roth Dining was closing. The rumor was later proven to be unfounded. (BASIL JOHN / THE STATESMAN)

by Jonathon Kline, Niveditha Obla and Tejen Shah

YikYak strikes again. This week, an anonymous Yakker spurted the rumor that the Wendy’s in Roth Dining was closing. The panic that it induced goes to show the extent of the popular app on campus today and how obsessed the student population is with the greasy, fat filled meals trademarked by the fast-food chain. It also goes to show how students will initially believe anything they hear and take the word of unverified, unaccountable sources, i.e. the incredibly well informed people of the Internet.

And it would not be a week at Stony Brook (or on Yik Yak) without some complaint about Wolfie-net. The Wi-Fi on campus has never been secure or connected, and it certainly is the furthest thing from reliable. Even with the new and improved routers, students across campus constantly complain about the lack of access. We are on a college campus, living in the 21st century, and all of our education is online. If there is no Wi-Fi, there is no studying, there is no interacting, there is nothing. Stony Brook needs to up its Wi-Fi game.

Women’s basketball celebrated their first win…by themselves. The Stony Brook women’s basketball team won 56 to 40, blowing the Saint Peter’s Peacocks out of the water with almost no audience to cheer them on. Is it basketball, our team, or is it the general Stony Brook student attitude toward everything school-related that accounts for the lack of support? Maybe it was the students showing their discontent with the flop that was the free pizza sale.


The holiday season started Nov. 1, and we are already in the middle of all the depression stories. Stony Brook’s Dr. Turhan Canli published a paper on how depression could be an infectious disease, starting with a bacterial or viral infection. But look at it another way—if you surround yourself with depressed people, aren’t you bound to be depressed as well? At the very least, you have to become exhausted at some point trying to keep yourself and everyone around you cheerful. Or is it like social media, where the happier we see other people and the more successful we see our friends become, the more upset we are with our own lives?

Here’s to a warm welcome to the second “Humans of Stony Brook” page—unless, of course, you are the original creator of the first page. The original man behind the camera is rumoured to be furious with his unwanted predecessor. I may be playing devil’s advocate here, but shouldn’t he be flattered that someone is continuing the project that he started? “Humans of Stony Brook” is one of the most popular Facebook pages on this campus, and it brings together the student community on campus. If the original creator graduates, someone needs to keep the page going.

Club sports teams are still trying to get a storage center and bathroom facility made at the South P fields, as they still have to lug all of their gear from the Rec Center to the commuter parking lot. So why will Stony Brook not pay a minimal fee to have these basic facilities installed on campus? Does the administration fear that someone will break into these facilities? Who knows, maybe they just truly get off on the frustration of students and decided what better way to get more anger out of the students than by making them take a bus ride to a field a mile off the main campus. Clearly the whole ‘South P fields’ idea was not a very good one.


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