Harrison Andina, a commuter student, was struck while riding a skateboard across the intersection of Marburger Drive and Circle Road by a Nissan Altima driven by Lu Cao, another student.  (CHELSEA KATZ / THE STATESMAN)

A male pedestrian was struck by a Nissan Altima and was taken to the University Hospital by the Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps at about 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

Commuter student Harrison Andina, who University Police identified to be the victim, was riding a skateboard across the intersection of Marburger Drive and Circle Road when he was struck by another student, Lu Cao, who was driving a Nissan Altima.

Andina was treated at the scene by SBVAC, according to UPD, and then taken to the hospital emergency room with a non life-threatening head injury.

It is not known whether the driver will face legal action.


Arielle Martinez

Arielle is a senior journalism major in Stony Brook University's Honors College. She joined The Statesman as a copy editor before covering USG senate meetings for the news team. She has also written for The Chronicle of Higher Education and Long Island Press. She was an editing intern at The Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota during the summer of 2015 as part of the Dow Jones News Fund. (Twitter: @AMartinezNews). Contact Arielle at: [email protected].



  1. The article does not provide sufficient information to determine which of those involved was at fault. There is no description of the location of the collision, and on which part of the roundabout it occurred could significantly change who is at fault. Additionally, while motorists are required to yield to pedestrians in legal crossings, they are not required to yeild to them elsewhere. Lastly, pedestrians do not have carte blanche to cross a street any time they feel like it in the US. It must first be safe to do so.

  2. Clearly the name needs to be released so students know who to watch out for. Obviously Lu Cao shouldn’t have a drivers’ license.

  3. Arielle you should be ashamed releasing the names of the victim and the driver especially since it was an accident. Respect peoples privacy.

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