On Monday, August 25, one man was referred for smoking marijuana in Benedict College.

On Monday, August 25, four subjects smoking marijuana in a vehicle were referred in Kelly Quad.

On Monday, August 25, it was reported a letter was carved into a door at Lauterbur. The case has been closed by investigation.

On Tuesday, August 26, a wallet was stolen in Humanities. The case is still open.

On Wednesday, August 27, a window screen was torn out in Hand College. The case is closed.

On Friday, August 29, there was a report of three individuals climbing the smoke stacks at the West Campus Physical Plant. They were arrested for trespassing.

On Friday, August 29, one male subject was arrested for driving while intoxicated at the intersection of Nicolls Road and the South Entrance.

On Saturday, August 30, a female student was shoved and cursed at by an unknown man in Schick College. A referral was issued.


On Sunday, August 31, an occupant of a taxi at the Hilton Garden Inn refused to pay and became violent with the taxi driver. The issue was resolved.


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