As the temperature warms up and flowers begin to bloom on campus, the sun is setting on another year at Stony Brook — and what a year it has been. 

There was never a dull moment on campus, from Homecoming and Brookfest to Jim Fiore leaving and an unrelenting winter. As we finish final exams and go our separate ways, it will be hard to leave campus and our fellow Seawolves behind. Stony Brook, for better or for worse, has been our home. 

While the majority of students will be returning in the fall, there are many others who will be graduating and moving on to bigger and better things. To you, we say good luck. Leaving the safety net of college is not an easy thing to do, but you could not be better prepared than you are with four years at Stony Brook behind you. We know you will achieve everything you set your mind to. And if you need it, Stony Brook will always be here to welcome you home. 

On behalf of those of us at The Statesman, we thank you all for sticking by our side and continuing to pick up our paper and visiting our website. Delivering the news can be challenging and exhausting, but there is nothing else we would rather be doing. Many of our current editors are graduating this year, and walking away from both The Statesman and Stony Brook will be difficult. The majority of us have spent the last four years dedicated to this organization and becoming a family. Despite the fact that we know it is time to leave, it feels like it is too soon. We will miss you all. 

We hope you have a fun and exciting summer that takes you to new places. Come back with stories to tell, tanlines to show off and a reinvigorated desire to learn. For those graduating, there will always be a place for you here. It has truly been an honor to report, cover, photograph and document the achievements of our fellow Seawolves over this past year. Thank you. 

Here’s to the future.


The Editorial Board


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