Author: Tahseen Rabbi

The models strutted down the stage in their heels, transitioning into a dance. The crowd broke out in laughter when one of the hosts began busting his moves on stage. Each dance was unique. There was ballroom dancing, twerking, hip-hop and step dancing. The event was filled with performances, prizes and a sense of community within the Stony Brook atmosphere.

The Community Service Club held a fashion show to raise money to fight against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women, as well as to empower women and shelter children, in accordance with WPPC Nepal.

Many organizations on campus were involved in arranging this event, such as Sigma Beta, Bengalis Unite, Himalayan Club and the International Students Organization. The turnout of 98 people was lower than expected and can be blamed on the rain, but the event still managed to raise $682. Last year, more than 200 people showed up to the event.

Each year they have a different theme. This year, they decided to name it “Spirit of the Seawolf.”

“It was to encompass the meaning of the question of ‘Who is Seawolf?’ to show diversity, and promote the different types of students, faculty and staff there are in Stony Brook University,” Efal Sayed, senior biology major and president of the Community Service Club, said.


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