On Tuesday, April 15, the Undergraduate Student Government held an emergency senate meeting to approve its budget for the 2014–2015 fiscal year.

In addition to the standard fluctuations in budget allocations, some clubs did not fulfill the budgeting requirements and lost their budgets, while others were given budgets for the first time.

The Statesman created a spreadsheet sorted by percent changes in allocations. It shows which clubs and services received the most severe cuts and which received the largest increases.

In an email to The Statesman, USG Vice President of Communications Mario Ferone said, “On the graphic it looks like the grant pool was cut by 100k. Most of the grant is funded by the rollover money. By our financial bylaws, 40% of the rollover fund must go into the grant pool, and next years senate has the option to add more funds.”

The following link leads to a copy of the 2014–2015 budget, which The Statesman obtained earlier on Tuesday.
2014–2015 budget

Additionally, The Statesman has also compiled the budgets from the past five years from documents on the USG website. The following link leads to an editable spreadsheet.
2010-2015 budget spreadsheet


April 16, 2014—This article was edited to include a quote from USG Vice President of Communications Mario Ferone clarifying how money is allocated to the USG grant fund.

April 24, 2014—This article was updated to include a full copy of the 2014–2015 budget from USG and an additional spreadsheet of budgets from 2010 to 2015.


Will Welch

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