Spring fashion features nail art in playful pastel colors like orange, mint green and light blue. (PHOTO CREDIT: MCTCAMPUS)

Although it may seem like the winter will never end with the constant resurgence of freezing temperatures and even worse, snow, it actually is spring. One of the most pleasant seasons of the year, (with the exception made for those of us that suffer from allergies), spring is defined by its warm temperatures, blooming flowers, trees and rain. It also gives people the ability to stop hibernating and watching Netflix in bed for hours at a time and actually spend time outside if they choose to do so. Spring is a time to shed the thick winter sweaters and the perpetually warm winter scarves that we clung to so tightly for warmth. It is time to put down the ramen and spend some time out in the sunlight.

This year the runways that fashion consumers everywhere turned to displayed some outrageous fashions that aren’t the most suitable looks for a college campus on Long Island, but with some minor modifications any college student can add a few pieces that are runway-inspired to their wardrobes.

Seen on the runways of major designers like BCBG Max Azria and DKNY is the highly beloved crop top that has been trending for the past few years. On college campuses crop tops are often paired with high-waisted jean shorts and skirts. This shows a sliver of skin that gives an effortlessly cool feel to its wearer. The crop tops shown on runways were not just the typical ones we are used to seeing. Rather, they had illusion necklines and laced patterns.

Another wearable trend sweeping the fashion industry this spring is the use of sheer or mesh paneling in women’s clothing. Taking the place of cutouts, mesh is now filling in those spots and adding an interesting touch to shirts, dresses and skirts. Designers such as Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang are pairing the paneling with complementary pieces of clothing underneath so as not to show too much skin but still flaunt the look of the sheer paneling.


Spring collections typically employ the use of girly flowered patterns in soft pastels and bright vibrant hues, and rightfully so, as these colors scream spring and make you feel the sunshine. In addition to the floral fabrics designers are mixing up their lines with an unexpected twist: geometric patterns in black and white. Ralph Lauren as well as several other designers are giving a feel of modernity to black and white by using bold patterns that demand attention.

Another big trend within the past several years has been the obsession with nail art. This season, instead of focusing on painting your fingernails like tiny canvases with delicate floral masterpieces, the focus is shifting to the use of color. Traditional colors like pale pinks and nudes are still in style seeing as you can’t really go wrong with a classic. For the bolder people, this spring offers a change in the appearance of red nail polish. Instead of plain red hues, a twist of orange is added to make a more vibrant playful statement. Pastel colors of mint, light blue and yellow are also popular for this season.

Throughout time male fashion hasn’t really changed.  According to the opinions of several online fashion bloggers a classic look for college men that is also in style this coming spring is a casual button down paired with straight dark wash jeans. If you are looking for a change to the typical dark wash jeans, colored, fitted chinos are also a stylish option. GQ magazine features chinos in several colors ranging from green hues to pastel shades of yellow and red. In a more sophisticated sense, bowties and suspenders are growing in popularity amongst men’s formal wear. Also, for footwear popular selections for men include Sperry boat shoes and Clarks desert boots which are comfortable yet refined, giving a mature feel while still maintaining a college look.

This spring, whether you decide to add sheer panels or crop tops to your wardrobe or try something minor like a new nail polish color, be sure to wear it with confidence. Nothing pulls off a new look better than self-assurance. Fashion is meant to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to enjoy it, so make your spring 2014 outfit decisions with pride and conviction.


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