Sobrio has the potential to help the SBU community. (STATESMAN STOCK PHOTO)
Sobrio has the potential to help the SBU community. (STATESMAN STOCK PHOTO)

Ever needed a designated driver, but could not find someone who wanted to do the job? Well, as of 2012, a couple of students from the University of Connecticut got together and created an app that has now spread across seven college campuses, including Stony Brook University.

The app, called Sobrio, was created by a group of college kids as a way for people who were drinking without a designated driver to get home safely to have a way to get home without putting themselves or someone else into harm’s way.

So how does Sobrio work? Well, though I have never personally used it, according to the website you put in your location, destination and how many people you are with into the app’s main page. Sobrio then will search its database to see potential drivers near your area.

If a match is found, the person will be called up and told where to pick you up and where to drive you home. One of the benefits of the program is that it is free; however, tips are highly recommended.


While some people may have fears over who picks them up, according to the website all drivers undergo background checks, license validity checks and more to ensure the passengers are as safe as possible when getting home.

This idea, to me, is great. In short, most people that are young normally do not want to be a designated driver because they too want to have fun at a party. However, this may lead to dangerous situations in which multiple lives are put into jeopardy, and while some people may say “Just take a cab home,” this app provides a free car ride home (with tips recommended).

All in all, Sobrio has a sound system of getting people from point A to point B as safely as possible. Reliable drivers are basically hired to work for Sobrio, while those who consume alcohol now have a cheap, safe way home back to their dorm or home.

While some may question its use on Stony Brook’s main campus, it is still an extremely useful system since it allows those who decide to drink off campus to find a way to get home. Not everyone wants to party on campus. The students who dorm and are over the age of 21 might have the urge to go out drinking at The Bench or other local bars around Stony Brook’s main campus instead.


While some people may have doubts over its effectiveness, Sobrio is still an extremely young app that I personally believe will serve to benefit Stony Brook’s main campus tremendously.

Deaths due to drunk driving are still extremely common, and any system that can help stop drunk driving from occurring deserves a grade of satisfaction in my book.


Jonathon is a sophomore majoring in history and minoring in journalism. He joined the Statesman in the fall of his freshman year after walking past the information booth for the Statesman during the involvement fair, and has been writing for the opinions section ever since. After graduation Jonathon hope to pursue a career either as an investigatve journalist or in law enforcement.


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