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John Harvard’s brews all of its own beers, so you will not be able to order any commercial brands at the bar. (PHOTO CREDIT: 50STATEBREWHAHA.WORDPRESS.COM)

Although there are a few establishments on the island that flourished from the recent interest in micro and local breweries, one of the most successful is the John Harvard’s Brewery. Located on nearby Nesconset Highway, this bar and restaurant hosts an in-house brewery where they make and serve seasonal beers and fantastic food.

This definitely is not your average sports bar or club—you walk into the restaurant, greeted by the gigantic containers that the beer is in the process of being fermented in. John Harvard’s brews all of it’s own beers, so you will not be able to order any commercial brands at the bar. However, after trying their delicious original brews, the urge to order anything besides their varieties subsides. Whether you are looking for a crisp German style or a seasonal variety such as Pumpkin Spice, John Harvard’s will have what you arere looking for, even if you did not realize you were searching for anything when you walked through the doors.
If you’re craving some fantastic traditional pub food while enjoying a delicious cold beer,  Harvard’s is the place to be. Although the food tends to be on the expensive side, I have never been disappointed with my meal. Burgers average around $10 and beers fluctuate between $4 and $6 depending on variety, but happy hour is truly the time to strike.
From 10 p.m. to close every night, all appetizers are half off and all pints of beer are $3. This is a great opportunity to relax and spend time with friends, both new and old.
John Harvard’s has it all—great food, great beers, great atmosphere. Go and discover your new favorite beer.


Keith is a senior double-majoring in Political Science and Economics and minoring in China studies. He became involved with The Statesman in his sophomore year following his letter-to-the-editor regarding a previously published article and quickly became integrated into the organization. Following graduation, he plans on either pursuing law or returning to China in order to continue studying the Chinese language.


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