Interracial couples are still taboo in some parts of the United States. (NINA LIN / THE STATESMAN)

In today’s culture and society, I’m sure everyone has seen an interracial couple, whether it is between a white man and black girl, a black guy and a white girl, Indian male and a white girl, etc; I could go on with the lists, but I’m sure that you have seen it at one point in your life.

This normally should not be any problem, but due to long-standing idiotic beliefs about inferiority among different races and cultures, most people look down on interracial couples, and some people go as far as disowning children for being with people that are not like them. I still remember when one of my friends, a white male, could not go out with an Indian girl because her father would practically disown her over something that my friend had no control over.

Racism, unfortunately, is not something that will go away soon, and if by some miracle it does happen to go away it will be years away. However, it still is not right; if two people want to be with each other, other people should not keep two people apart just because they are not of the same color.

In this day and age, it’s rare to find someone who will want to be with you forever, and if they are of a different color, so what? They have the same feelings that others have; just because some guy is white or some guy is black does not mean that they do not feel the same emotions of happiness, love, hate, anger, excitement, etc. At the end of the day, we are all still humans; we still breathe the same air as a person who looks totally different, we still perform all of the same bodily functions to survive.


Now, one of my best friends, a Caucasian male, is dating a very nice African American female, yet people do not approve. My question to those people is why? Why would you keep two people from being happy with one another if they don’t fit your twisted version of what a “relationship” should be? Stop being ignorant and let these two people, who clearly care about each other very much, be happy with one another.

And another thing; why do people care so much if two people from different races dated one another? At the end of the day, is your life directly affected? Because some Indian girl is dating a white guy, is the world going to end? Is the Earth going to burn? No, it’s not; you’re life is not being affected, so why affect the lives of others in such a negative way?

My final point to all reading this is to just accept it; our society is becoming more and more open to interracial dating. And why should we not be? Stop being closed-minded and let people love each other for who they are as people, not just based on the color of their skin or the fact that their cultures are different. At the end of the day, you should be happy to be with a person you love for who the qualities they can control, not the ones they cannot control.


Jonathon is a sophomore majoring in history and minoring in journalism. He joined the Statesman in the fall of his freshman year after walking past the information booth for the Statesman during the involvement fair, and has been writing for the opinions section ever since. After graduation Jonathon hope to pursue a career either as an investigatve journalist or in law enforcement.


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